Wednesday, December 21, 2011

42 - Quad bikes and station life at Davis..............

Hello Friends,

Yes I'm running late been having a relaxing weekend and wasn't really in the mood for spending hours in front of my computer but concentrating on the backs of my eyelids and minimizing the size of my movie collection was done with much enjoyment. This was however done on the back of a week that disappeared so quickly that I'm still shaking my head as to where it went. Saturday i was given the opportunity to head off station on the quad bikes for a little but of a cruise. So without further ado check this one out, sit back and enjoy..............................

Video Michael Goldstein

Well tomorrow we are having something a little different happening and a first for me. The Kapitan Khlebnikov a Russian polar class ice breaker bringing in tourists will be here for the day bringing in some 100 tourists.

The tour has been arranged by a company called Quark Expeditions and they have a couple by the looks of it on their books for next year if i make you too jealous you can always come down here that way...........BUT be prepared i think the tourists that are arriving tomorrow have paid in the order of $50,000 per bed in twin share. That being said they have seen a almost all the stations on this side of Antarctica with the packed schedule that they are following.

So as this week has much entertainment in store for you and for me i might keep this one short and put another quick one up later in the week and another for Christmas.

Till next time!!!


P.S....................... "Life is not so much a matter of 'finding' ourselves as it is a matter of
                          making ourselves."
                          Alan Loy McGinnis