Monday, March 21, 2011

30 - the COFFEE situation at Casey Station Antarctica, St Paddy's Day and more.............

Hello friends,

those of you who know me well know how much i love my coffee. I have a little bit of a soft spot for espresso and really this is the only thing i REALLY miss when I'm down here. Last season i was very happy to see that the station had a two group coffee machine that regularly got a workout from myself but to my horror this season it was broken! Not one to go for instant stuff Ive been a tea toatler UNTIL the coffee machine was fixed by an ingenious electrician and comms tech (computer/communication specialist).

The first coffee was heavenly to say the least, even if the coffee was a little stale and the milk was powered. Here is a little video of me talking to Brian and Ian two members of the team of people we had working on fixing this problem............

That video was shoot on Thursday.............3 coffees that day, Friday 5 and Saturday 2 before the machine was broken again. Ahhhhh well makes the dreaming of a coffee freshly ground with real milk...........making me drool now actually I'M NOT AN ADDICT NOOOOOOOOO....... 

Anyway this week was one of tyeing up loose ends and tidy up as we were expecting a blizz. Sure enough we got it and we also got heaps of snow which is making work interesting to say the least especially at the temps we are getting to now. Here is a little video the other day down on site to give you some perspective of what it is like.

Well St Paddy's day celebrations were deferred a day down here to make it a little easier with the weekend and it was fun. Not as much Irish dancing as there was in Sydney with the Irish flash dancing in Central Station. Here is a YOUTUBE video of it.............

Here is some pics from our St Paddy's Day................

 Picture: Brian Guillaumier
  Picture: Brian Guillaumier
 Picture: Brian Guillaumier
 Picture: Brian Guillaumier
  Picture: Brian Guillaumier

Don't ask me what a Scotsman is doing at an Irish shindig but young Timmy did love putting it on and wearing it as a traditional Scotsman would...........

 Picture: Brian Guillaumier

They are the pictures i can show you all too but needless to say it was a rather big night. It snowed like you wouldn't believe too and every time you went outside it was getting deeper in soft fluffy white stuff. It makes this place sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful, not that it isn't when there isn't much snow around station.

Saturday was a rest day with the only outing outside the red shed was to the tankhouse for a Spa and sauna. However with the snow overnight it made going a little difficult and here is a little video how we did it.......

We even stayed in the sauna as long as we could then rubbed snow all over our bodies and jumped back into the sauna. Exhilarating to say the least!!!

Now onto my nemesis this blog, as many of you are aware and received my emails last season. The trouble i had last season with my emails was that they were far too big so i decided to do this blog this season. Last season my emails were forwarded through many hands and went to many places that I'm sure i still don't know about so its been interesting to follow it this season on one of the reports i can get off my blog. 

I have followers in  Japan, Poland, U.K, France, Ireland, Denmark, Thailand, Brazil, Spain, N.Z, Russia, China, U.S.A, Malaysia, Germany and of course Australia. As of tonight there has been 3566 hits on my little place on the internet and believe me it humbles me that so many of you keep coming back. I also get reports on how people find my site weather its through a link i email them, off facebook or through a google search. Now I've been looking at this for i have no idea and some of the searches are jacs balb soug (no idea), king penguin+Japanese fishermen (which was a video i linked in a blog), mcdoogals big mic (again no idea), casey station Antarctica Qantas flyover 6 February 2011 (which is how Edward the passenger on the plane found me) but one that was interesting was Antarctica girls on ice and how did my site come up in that search????? LOL

Anyway what I'm trying to say there is as much as its has been a drag sometimes and as much as it would have been nice to receive more feedback from some of my viewers the hit counter tells me that in the relatively short time I've been here there has been something of interest in this and people have been coming back to see what I'm getting up to.

Enough of my dribble other than its finally hit home now that its not going to be long and ill be on the ship. Saturday the Aurora Australis departed Hobart bound for Davis Station where my good mate Rowdy will be wintering. He is one lucky son of a gun to winter in a place like this is a dream i have had since my first season and you never know, one day it might come true! So drop Rowdy on his head i mean off at Davis with a couple other winters and pick up the summering crew and the choppers. They are currently due here sometime in the first week of April and ultimately home around the 15th of April.

Better make the most of my time shouldn't I...................................................

Till next time,


P.S....................."Live out of your imagination, not your history."
                            Stephen R. Covey