Tuesday, March 15, 2011

29 - Finishing up Bio pile 5 and a quick video on the season so far......

Hello friends,

I don't mind telling you all that finding material to put into my blogs is becoming more and more difficult as so many of the jobs are being finished. The beginning of this week brought us the coldest temperatures yet this season with 4 days in a row dipping below -15c and at its coldest it was around -19c. That being said work continues and the tidying up and "blizz proofing" had begun to make winter a little easier for those staying.

The remediation project that i have talked about and worked tirelessly on all season is also quickly coming to an end with the completion of the 5th bio pile last week. There is still one bio pile still to construct but wind and weather aren't on our side at the moment. With the cold weather at the beginning of the week quickly turning the freeze the ground. The PRB or the barriers that i have talked about rely on the fact that the ground will thaw in summer making the melt water run down the hill and through the barrier filtering the melt water and only letting the clean water through. Web site about frozen ground and how much we all rely on it CLICK HERE. However what it dose do once frozen, is makes it very difficult to dig. Kind of like digging chewing gum, the longer its been there the harder it is to move!

Anyway while trying to get the 5th pile done, one of the things we were doing once the GCL or bentonite clay liner was down was water it. As this was impossible to do snow was put int so that once the pile did melt the water would be absorbed by the liner. Well here is a little video of Bec and her hair brained way of getting the chunks of ice off of the liner. 

Don't think i have laughed so hard in a long time and after i stopped shooting the video i totally lost it!

It took a day to lay the liners and place the sensors which i thought was pretty good going. The following day we filled it only stopping every half meter to put the secret herbs and spices into the piles finishing the pile. Only a couple more things to do now as we had a site clean up and covered four of the five piles for winter.
Its a bit hard to see with all the snow but below that Ive drawn on one pic which should show you a little better.

Really haven't got too much more for you this week so i decided to do a little filler video with a very small selection of the 11,981 or 70.2gig of pictures and video i have shot since i have been here.

Three weeks and it will soon be over and ill be on the ship heading home, well to Tasmania anyway. Not going to dwell too much on that this week as I'm sure I'm going to do enough of it in the next couple blogs.

This that this is a nice way to end this blog, tonight we had a really nice moon and as much as i tried i couldn't get as good a shot as Tom so here is is!

Pic: Tom Luttrell

Still as nice as it is, doesn't do what i see with my own eyes justice.

As i am beginning to run out of material if one but if anyone has any ideas, suggestions or questions now is your time and i can cover it in the next exciting adventure!

One last thing i wanted to talk about, the tragitie happening both in NZ and also Japan. My heart goes out to all those affected. Down here we are kind of inculated from the extent of what is happening back home mainly as there are only two ways to get information. Normally down here i try and stay away from the news as all it normally dose is depress me. We receive to sorces of news, The Australian is printed daily for us and the internet. TV is only put on for special events like cricket or last weekends opening AFL game but it is internet TV and wouldnt choose to watch it if there was say a good movie playing in the theater! Without the continual bombardment of news especially on my 60' its hard for me to fathem the depth of hurt that im sure many around the world are feeling. Im sure it will only too soon become apparent when i do come home.

Anyway enough gibber jabber from me.......................

Hope everyone is well,


P.S............."If you want happiness for an hour - take a nap. If you want happiness for a day -                go fishing. If you want happiness for a year - inherit a fortune. If you want                 happiness for a lifetime - help someone else."
                   Chinese Proverb