Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Looking good to fly!!!...........

Well the first flight left Hobart bound for Mcmurdo on Monday. After landing in Mcmurdo the weather window was closed as there were high winds or something “A” factorish........Yesterday they were supposed to be leaving at 8am then 10am then 12pm then finally they took off around 3pm but like the first flight last year it also was boomeranged back to Mcmurdo. So they spent around 6 hours only to end up where they started like last year. I have to admit I did chuckle a little when I was told as I only too well know what a boomerang on the Herc is like.

 So we are still waiting but not for too much longer now I’m thinking as I’ve just had to revisit my Clairvoyant where she told me that when the stars align and the moon which must be in the right phase with your mouth being held in the right direction to the sun repeating the words "HOLY MOLLY I'M GOING BACK AGAIN!"

So now we have just been put on a standby system which is sent to us by txt message and the most current one which I just received about 30 minuted ago tells me we are on 15min standby from 3am this morning. So tomorrow is currently looking good to fly. This being subject to change at 2 seconds notice of course as most things with Antarctic travel as the and the correct stars and moon ect........

But its looking good so far...........................................................ill keep you posted but I'm NOW GETTING REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!


P.S........ “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
                Oscar Wilde