Tuesday, December 25, 2012

51 - Arrival of the new director of General trades and xmass

Hello friends

well I write this blog in a state, no not because of the party thats been ragging here for the last 8 hours,  yes I look out the window of my room and am thinking about everyone back at home that i am missing. Don't worry it wont last that long but you are in my thoughts. Dad that includes you and remember do what Mum tell you to, OK.

Pic Michael Goldstein

Its tuff to wake up in the morning and open your window and look at that. As bad a day one glance at that and even now after 4 seasons it still makes me pinch myself and think how lucky I am. While we are on the subject about the room with a view. As i mentioned in my last blog yep im with the big boys in SMQ. Now the SMQ or the sleeping medical quarters is mainly reserved for winteres and how i managed to find my way here was really a little luck and a lot more begging. SMQ is joined to the LQ or living quarters which comprises of the mess (kitchen and dinning room), the bar, cinema, library, pool table, dart board, pool table and lots and lots of comfy chairs for general relaxing in. These two buildings are joined by a linkway making it very easy to get dinner without getting dressed into jackets and boots like you do when coming down from where i was last season. 

Pic Michael Goldstein

Here is my room, much more room here than last season. You'll notice a couple things in my room, firstly the white sheet on the wall. Now thins is a very important luxury that i brought down for the first time last season, this season it went through a couple modifications and improvements thanks to Denice and her handiwork. This is the screen to my projector for cinema Goldie, mobile for taking onto the ship too. Aslo you might notice on top of the shelves above the bed Wilson. Wilson has been with me ever since i started coming south, he was a gift to me from a friend who though i might need someone to talk to like Tom Hanks. Little did he know I keep myself amused and don't need wilson to keep me company, but i bring him just in case.
Now as i write this many of you will just be getting up to open presents as I really should be in bed getting ready to do the same, instead i am here writing this for you! There are some people here who really mean as much to me as family and i guess the more seasons you do with them the closer you become. There are three this year four including myself that have all shared the last four Christmases together one whom you all might know from previous blogs is Rowdy. 
Well Rowdy has been summering thus far at Casey, until now. Rowdy before he departed found out he was going to be wintering again, but this time he scored the mother load, Mawson. Why mother load, well its the retirement village Australian Antarctic Stations, the oldest, smallest, windiest and from everything im hearing the prettiest by far. Now for him to get there is a epic journey in itself.
Travel in Antarctica, like my trip down this year, never goes to plan or on time. But eventually the planets aligned and he made it to the half way point which happened to be Davis where Rowdy was going to be able to spend his fourth christmas with yours truly. Arriving on Sunday i needed to prepare, and well there really is no words so check out the pics of what i did!!!
Pic Rowdy

Pic Rowdy

Well the red carpet was rolled out for his rowdyness..........

Anyway not going to drag this one out as it is time no over time for me to get some sleep but did want to get this one out before i could sleep. This is the season when family is the most important thing as painful, difficult and boring as they sometimes can be they are your family. Im very lucky I feel like i have another family in my friends down here which is as indescribable as it is in which all of them have changed me in someway. I only hope you all experience the type of friendships we form down here but   unless you do this i very much doubt that would ever happen. 

Friends Merry Christmas, Family I miss you all and Kirsty minus the heat i wish i was there!


P.S.........A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.
               George Edward Moore