Saturday, January 8, 2011

20 A Jollie to Robbos and Jacks.................

Hello All,

well I'm still coming down for the most incredible day in my Antarctic experience. Two things i need to tell you all in relation to that day. The first thing was in relation to the Killer Whales well i was talking to a friend from last season who was here doing some Minke Whale research that i wasn't totally correct as they were Type C Killer Whales. Didn't even know that there was different type Killer Whales so I'm sorry about misleading you all like that and thanks for putting me on the strait and narrow Nat. The second one is a little funny and that was a story that revolves my good mate Rowdy. Well good old Rowdy was in a different IRB to myself and i had noticed him a couple time with the camera in hand taking shots. About half way through the most incredible day having seen all that we saw Rowdy yells out to me and tells me that he will have to get copies of all my shots as he forgot to put his memory card into his camera and had been shooting blanks! LOL Still laughing about that.................

Anyway back on topic a jollie by definition is what we call a holiday to one of the field huts. Jacks is only a short distance from station but here i am going to cheat a little and input a little information that i had done in my emails last season so if you have seen it before I'm sorry but for those of you that haven't enjoy.

Jacks has an interesting history to it too.....................

Two things you might not understand from that little screed 1/ Moraine or moraine line is basically the line of rocks caused from a glacier. and what’s impressive about Jacks is there is 4 moraine lines.

As you can see the four moraine lines and this is Jacks original hut it says in the screed that its off a Cat 955 which is my second point that ill explain.

 I did a little research and found that not to be entirely correct.  It was scavenged off old machinery in the tip at Wilkes when Australia had taken over. The machine although was based off a Caterpillar 955 Traxcavator it had been highly modified by an American company called Petersons.

Who knows one of these pics could actually be the cab in which we call Jacks Loo with the view. Ohh yea I didn’t mention that what use to sleep 2 people in its day now is a very comfortable toilet with the most incredible view!

Now days Jacks has a little more room sleeping four in absolute comfort. Below is a motley crew from last season from right to left  we have Steve who was the 09-10 ESS (engineering services supervisor), Jumping Johnny, Pat and me.

On Tuesday i didn't stay there but the serenity was absolutely incredible, . Just off in the bay there is an island which has a penguin rookery on it . Standing on the moraine line you can hear them and  just bedside Jacks is an ASPA (Antarctic Specially Protected Area) 

So having spent a very relaxing day up there with a couple friends and a little snooze we headed back to station for dinner and to pick up two more who would be coming with us to Robbos. While i was there i shot a little video of what the scenery looks like from Jacks sooooo here it is............

Just to back track a little what i haven't explained is when you go off station on any Australian Antarctic base you need to have "Trip Leader (ME)" who needs to lodge forms to the Station Leader. On the forms you put where you are going, what mode of transport you are using, what route you are taking and who is in your group. The trip leader (ME) is a very responsible position as you are basically legally responsible for the actions of everyone in your group and if the shit hits the fan you are the one that would be in a world of hurt. If the Station Leader signs off on your trip then you can go.

Having got all the rubber stamps and done the Jacks bit we made the short journey back to Station for dinner and to pick up two other members of our party that were to spend the night at a different hut called Robbos. Robbos is the quite a pretty place with brilliant views all around. No Type C Killer Whales though!!!

So after a very relaxing time with the crazy bunch that i went with it was time to come back to station and get back into reality no wait Antarctic reality anyway.

Just out of interest there was an article in the Herold Sun that was done on the station here is the link
Something else i found that could interest some of you is the Station Leaders have little videos up on the Divisions site and here you'll meet all the Station Leaders for this season..............


If your interested in coming down to Antarctica and getting paid to be here you only got till the 17th Jan 2011 to get your applications in for the 2011-12 season..........................CLICK HERE and lets see if i see you here!!!!!

Just a little out of left field is the last video but i liked it. Its another time laps from Paul and this one is lunch in the mess kinda like the song too....................catchy!!!
I appear in the bottom left of screen in the green shirt and thats not a bald patch its the fluro lighting hitting my very shiny locks of hair!!!!!!!

Video Paul Helleman

Well kinda lost for words this week still recovering i think but as normal i hope everyone is well and would appreciate some of my slack ass friends to send me an email once in a while, with the exception of Lou & Dee you two take it easy and put your feet up make the boys do all the work!!!


P.S................"If the love of what you're doing exceeds the labor of doing it...
                  success is inevitable." 
                       Bob Beers