Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hi friends,

well I'm guessing that the title sums it up well, been very but smooth resupply. Refueling has now finished with the grand total of around 800,000L of SAB (Special Antarctic Blend) fuel been transferred from ship to shore. 

Refueling is probably the most significant one thing that could damage the environment down here and therefore ALOT of checks and double checks are done to ensure this risk is as small as possible. 3 IRB's (inflatable rescue boats) are deployed to run the line from ship to shore with their two main tasks of looking for leaks and protecting the line from ice bergs.

So also the other important job is getting stuff in and out. That's where i come in! This season the division was kind enough to put me through my crane ticket. Worked around them for a number of years and never been in a position to either need one of want to to be honest. Seen too many things happen that put me off wanting to get it. I remember years ago i was working in the bakeries i was driving onto Chevron Island and saw a crane that had hit power lines and was on fire, kinda made me thing. That being said we don't have them here so all is good.
And here i am a fully fledged crane operator, yea i know scary but got one of the BIGGEST complements yesterday. A kiwi rigger, I know Kiwi are everywhere aren't they, well he told me that i was a good operator and he would know as he normally works on the oil rigs dogging big cranes. Head is now big and chest is all puffed up and i am a good operator. Johan had a little fun with the camera again and put in a couple interesting places while he was working the crane. Its a little long but gives a very different perspective on how cargo operations go and right at the end Ken makes an appearance in the IRB on launch at the boat ramp right beside the wharf where the crane is set up.

Video : Johan Mets

Here is another one from a different position, Paul put is camera in the Red Shed and made a little time laps of the first day of Cargo opps.

Video : Paul Helleman

Another time laps that Paul made was in the Green Store. The Green Store is where alot of thinks including the food are kept and I'm yet to take you on a tour there but as the Storeperson is a little shy i need to find a replacement. Think you see her standing around alot dont know what she dose all day but from this video i think she has some explaining to do. Last season the storeperson worked hard didnt you Mick!!

Video : Paul Helleman

The Aurora Australis AKA the orange roughy.....................

 You know with vistas like this it is a little hard to do work sometimes!
 Me in position waiting on a barge to arrive............
 One section of the sled for the skiway which im sure ill be covering in a later blog
 Talking of the skiway they AGSO (Aircraft Ground Support Officers) received a new toy..................not really too recognizable there but it is a snow groumer without the blade!

 Heading up the hill to station.
 Entering wharf road...............there is a little room there.
 A little tighter here...........
 New sticker on the Mack and i bet you didn't know that the Stig was a truck driver in Antarctica..........
 Nice picture of the Station Leader Narelle and Rowdy...............there was another pic but ill save that one to post after the NEW Station Leader has taken over!! LOL
 Rowdy yep he is a Penguin Policeman bet you didnt know we had them down here.......

There i am on the far left having mounted Rowdy as my reindeer with a tinsel reigns. So  it is the festive season, even though at the moment the last 5 days are a blur with resupply and we wont be celebrating our xmass day until a little later as so many of us are shattered. Please have a safe and happy Christmas and i hope Santa will bring you something nice.

Have an egg nog for me!


P.S..............."People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas
                 and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what
                 they eat between the New Year and Christmas."