Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3 No newby here, just another old hag i mean hand......12/10/10

Ohhh my what a day,

Firstly I'm sorry its taken me so long to put another post up but as you all can imagine its been a little hectic tying up all the loose ends including putting the rubbish out, isn't that right mum and dad! For those of you that aren't lucky enough to know that story here we go............in all the excitement of getting out of my house i emptied the freezer out putting into the bin and promptly forgetting to take it outside to the complex bin with me when i walked out the door. It sat inside for two weeks when my parents went to check on my house they were greeted with a smell that was too bad to accurately describe, lets say the maggots were an inch long. But i assure everyone this hasn't happened this time.

After a shocking flight up departing Brisbane in almost flood and a near 3 hour delay and a change in flight plan with a 5 hour stop over in Melbourne and a final arrival of 9pm i got there. More to the point i hadn't brought the weather with me.............for a little while anyway. Currently drizzling rain and cooled off to around 17.

So turning up at the Division i actually got goose bumps and that little butterfly and now the excitement is kicking in at full steam. Cliffy picked me up so we were there early and was  good running into all these people that were so genuinely happy to see us. It really hits home how much i really enjoyed last season and how much i am going to enjoy this one. As i am now a government employee i am going to have to cut this one short and fill you all in a little more as to exactly what im up to next time.

Training continues for the next three or so weeks but my timetable is yet to be confirmed so time will tell what im up to........................................

so until then be good and don't do anything i wouldn't do!

P.S........."There must be an intangible something that draws one back to the wild wastes  of Antarctica"
                Earnest Shackleton 1913